Workers Comp Insurance Risks in New York

Social Security Numbers and Workers Comp Forms — The Ugly

According to, “An analysis of state workers comp forms from across the nation revealed that currently, out of 3, 417 forms, 734 (21.5%) require a full social security number.” And, “Each transaction point represents real risk that injured workers’ identities may be exploited.”

In the event of a work related injury, you will be required to fill out many forms. Note that these forms are shared with TPA’s, carries, state agencies, law offices, doctors’ offices, support vendors and more. New York is one of the top ten states with workers’ comp forms that require full social security numbers. Out of 182 forms, full social security numbers is required on 47 (25.8%) of them.

We at Friedlander Group believe that identify theft is the last thing injured workers should have to worry about. If you or someone you know is concerned about your identity being exploited as a result of filling a workers comp claim contact us today. For more on this developing story visit

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