Culture of Caring™

Creating a Culture of Caring™ for your employees’ well-being is the single most important step in saving money on your workers’ compensation. That culture will maximize your productivity, efficiencies and profits. A Culture of Caring™ is the secret to unleashing productivity and profits at an organization.

Top management’s message of caring must be communicated by actions, not just words.  Friedlander Group can help management implement the following core beliefs:

  1. Zero Injuries must be the personal mission of the Leader.*
  2. A great organization must be habitually excellent at everything they do, starting with safety.*
  3. Safety is a precondition, like breathing, not a priority.*
  4. Everyone is responsible for their safety and others.*
  5. There are no “accidents” (implies act of God), only incidents.*
  6. Zero Injuries must be the goal. No one will volunteer to be hurt to satisfy a higher quota.*
  7. Everybody should go home from work at least as healthy as they arrived.

*Ideas attributed to Paul O’Neill, the former CEO of Alcoa.

It begins with the interview process, who’s hired, and who’s fired. It’s reinforced by safety training, safety contests, safety inspections, claims’ trend analysis, safety committee accountability, safety posters, injury management, local health-care provider relationships, and light-duty options that enable employees to return to work sooner.

When employees work together with management to eliminate unsafe acts and conditions, claims decline and productivity and profits increase.

Safety is largely intuitive. People know that wet floors, poorly stacked boxes, dull knives, defective ladders and stairways, and heavy lifting can cause accidents and injuries. Many claims can be avoided if more attention is paid to detail and problems are anticipated, and safety is brought into focus organizationally. Safety committee members should be required to take responsibility for safety awareness and auditing.

Safety will be improved with training on proper lifting techniques, driver screening, handling of chemicals, and the importance of wearing proper safety goggles and shoes, as examples. Fortunately, a large selection of safety videos is available, and there are experienced safety consultants who can provide on-site training.

To learn more about how Friedlander Group can help you create a Culture of Caring™ focused on achieving Zero Injuries to maximize productivity and profits, please contact our Safety Specialist, Ray Sullivan at 516-306-0481.

"Friedlander Group has once again helped us to keep a client happy by reducing their workers compensation costs. We just placed two department stores in the retail safety group and the client is happy to see a savings on his insurance. The whole process was quick and easy."

Glenn Binday, Vice President
Advocate Brokerage Corp.,
Scarsdale, NY