About Us

Our mission is to maximize our clients’ productivity and profits by keeping their employees working and safe.

Friedlander Group is the leader in workers compensation for Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Hotels, Oil Dealers, Home Health & Residential Care facilities in New York State. As the manager of seven Safety Groups underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund, Friedlander Group has saved thousands of our clients over $500 million in workers’ compensation costs since 1992.

Our safety groups significantly reduce the cost of workers compensation for safety conscious members. Our fully insured safety groups work by pooling members’ annual premiums, and after deducting the costs of claims and administrative charges, the profits are returned to members in the form of a dividend.

Friedlander Group offers substantial savings through our Workers' Compensation programs that can help you gain and retain clients. We have helped our customers control their Workers' Compensation costs for the past 21 years.


  • Insurance Journal Top 100 Brokers list 2005
  • Developed and manages seven successful safety groups for Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Hotels, Oil Dealers, Social Services and Residential Care Facilities
  • 20 Year proven track record with over $198 million paid in dividends
  • Provided Over 250 million dollars in savings to members
  • Have exceeded over 550 brokers participating in the Friedlander Group “Gain and Retain” Program
  • Published several articles regarding Workers Compensation for the Insurance Community
  • Listed as the #1 Business Insurance Book with a five star rating on Amazon, Safety and Workers’ Compensation Strategies: To Unleash Productivity and Profits, by Adam Friedlander