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For Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurants, Hotels, Oil Dealers, Home Health and Residential Care in New York State Since 1992, Friedlander Group manages seven Workers’ Compensation Safety Groups, underwritten by the New York State Insurance Fund.*

Friedlander Group’s Mission

To maximize our clients’ productivity and profits by keeping their employees working and safe.

Friedlander Group is the leader in workers compensation Insurance Agent for Restaurants, Retailers, Wholesalers, Hotels, Oil Dealers, Home Health & Residential Care facilities in New York.

What Our Customers Say

“Excellent services provided by all Friedlander staff to date. We have tremendous advocacy support from Friedlander which has helped us save significant dollars with NYSIF. You are responsive, available, and knowledgeable – it’s hard to improve that.”

-Karen Clark

Home-Health Care Partners

“The Friedlander Group really gave us another set of eyes and brought us to another level. The safety group is not only good for the bottom line, but they make it safer for my people to work. They took the time to come out and meet with our managers. We’re particularly happy with the fact that the group is comprised of fellow operators who demand the highest level of safety. I’ve been very happy with the whole claims process as well. It has gone very smoothly.”

Peter Samaha, Franchisee, Armonk, NY


“You guys did an exceptionable job in getting our exorbitant premium down. I really like and appreciate your company and know we are in good hands and I am looking forward to a long relationship.”

Ira F. Gross, Hempstead, NY

Dan's Supreme Supermarkets, Inc.

“Wonderful customer service.”

-Harry Schatmeyer, Williamsville, NY


“I was surprised to receive my
dividend check for such a large
amount. I certainly appreciate what
your great staff has done.”

-Scott Mackies, Yonkers, NY


“The Friedlander Group does an excellent job. They have helped us reduce and self pay many first aid type claims in addition to upfront discounts and dividends.”

John DeCicco Jr, New York, NY


“We are very happy with Friedlander. Customer service is great – accessible, available and quick to reply. They explain everything to us and lead us by the hand.”

Vikki Cook, Park Slope, NY


“Our advisor, Frank Cavallo is a true asset to both of us. He works hard on educating his customers so that they can save the most amount on their insurance.”

Lucy Viglione, West Hempstead, NY


“Service is always courteous! I enjoy working with my representative very much. Stacey is the person I deal with directly. She is a pleasure to work with, always provides great guidance and understanding for each claim, promptly follows up on any/all questions and is always the go-to girl to get the job done.”

Julia Belva

The Harvard Club

“The reason I have and will continue to use Friedlander is simple. The service they provide has been nothing short of fantastic and Donna really takes care of business. The fact that dividends are paid really takes them over the top.”

William H. Scott, Jr., Amherst, NY

President, Scott Danahy Naylon Co. Inc.

“The Friedlander Group and Donna Nygard are incredible to work with!!! They respond to the many issues in placing new business and provide answers quickly. Glad that we are working with Donna and the Friedlander Group!”

Paul S. Pellerito, Tampa, FL

Area Vice President, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

“The Friedlander Group is a great resource for our agency and our clients have benefited tremendously. Many thanks to Adam, Cosmo and the Friedlander team for helping us provide great service and competitive pricing.”

David L. Spiro, Valley Stream, NY

AAI, The Excelsior Group, Inc

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